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A Cruise Ship is the only way we can get Americans out of Israel and Lebanon?  Bullshit.  If we had a good president there would be forces in these two countries not only trying to stop the war and even more important trying to get our citizens out of warring countries.   But our president is too busy not taking care of rising gas prices, global warming, ect. that instead of him going over to handle this he is sending Rice.

Think this isn't going to affect us?  We are Israel’s primary benefactor which means we will be the people supplying them with weapons to use against Lebanon and the countries which will probably escalade into this (hence it being called WW3 on the news).   

P.S:  Iraqis hate Israelis, wouldn’t it be funny if when countries have to pick who’s side they want to be on if it is us vs. Iraq?  

Time left in President Bush's Term

911 Days

18 Hours

01 Min.

06 Sec.

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