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I got an outstanding achievement award and trophy at FJM!

My trophy was broken.

FJM was soooo much fun.

Midland Michigan is disgusting and roast beef is amazing as is the next person who tries to put berries on my meat will earn my hatred forever - unless they totally make up for it with 800 deserts like Nicole and Jeremy did!

So I've applied to 4 places for jobs and I'm putting an app in for family video but if anyone knows a place that I can get a job - even if it is for a dishwasher and only available from 2am-6am in the morning I'll do it (working girl hours... I will need some red lipstick though...)

I really need to start doing hw... I have health, ap english and calc stuff to do on top of psyc reading.

THose of you who took the ACT on June 10... scores are online tomorrow morning.
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