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It's been a long time since I've updated but just so I'm not complaining to much in this entry: my life has been great. no strife, real nice, alright? I just found out that the verb 'to catch' in french is rattraper and when you conjugate it can be rattrape which is a double crime.

Today I was asked a personal question - and I hate personal questions because the answers cannot be found online or in books so I have to dig deep into my life. Anyway the question got me thinking about my friends. I love my best friends to death. But I don't have any best guy friends. I think my first "best guy friend" would be kind of low on my list if you exclude my brother who is probably my best friend in the world. I just can't cry in front of guys and I can't complain about cramps so I find I have very little use for them. This is not to say that I don't love them.. they are hilarious and helpful when it comes to solving problems and I am so greatful I have some but I'm not able to say that I have a lot of best guy friends.

Lately I haven't been wasting my time thinking about how retarted people are. This is the first time in my entire life where I'm able to get over it and remember to think of where they will be in 10 years as opposed to where I will be.

Props to every guy who hasn't stuck is hand down his pants in the middle of class or in a public place.

who the hell would go to that antiquated mating ritual?
I would. But I don't have a date.
You're missing the point - we're making a statement.
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