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~We got all 1s at MSBOA!
~Remember when I used to l-o-l-o-l-o-l-o-v-e Brian Peck? Well he gave me aride home once from STUCO, and I gave him a ride home saturday which means the cycle has completely ended. I thought it was really funny!
~I got to see Erica, Bobby and Timmy!!! <3
~For the past 3 days I've had no hw in AP!
~I went shopping by myself for the first time ever in my life!!!! I feel soo independent!
~I got to go out to dinner w/ Megan Ford - I hope you are feeling better!
~After 2 unsuccessful attempts to rent Pride and Prejudice from Family Video, I finally got it! third time is a charm after all and now I'm preventing others from seeing it because I'm keeping it a day late...

AND THE #1 thing: Omg, my arch nemisis likes me?

Um.... ok bitch - why don't you try being successful and not annoying as shit then we will talk.

Oh, and PS - take a shower and wash your hair...

My brother broke my mousetrap car and so now I have to do more stuff... I seriously oculd die. I tried Brie cheese like 2 hours ago and it tastes like glue.

I love going to parent teacher confrences - I get like 800 compliments. It is so great for the ego! I'd pay to have more of them.
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