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I'm going to miss Gilmore Girls tomorrow because of the band concert.

Sooo cute and Sooo smart!

I am sooo glad that I finally have a friend who I can talk about current issues, history and our hatred of republicans with.

I cannot imagine not being able to get married to someone I love or not be able to adopt kids. I can't believe that in the year 2006 there are people in our country whose rights are being diminished. It is as if women's suffrage movements and the civil rights movement never happened. How dare anyone say that any human being doesn't deserve to be happy?

GO to the HuHot at 14 and Utica. It is amazing - and get smores.

From the Daily Show w/ John Stewart(<3): The war in Iraq has cost about 283 billion dollars - averaging about $2000 per tax payer. But, don't think about it as $2000 you don't have - you see, the US took out loans from other countries like Saudi Arabia and China. So think about it as 200,000 your grandchildren don't have. And seriously, who gives a fuck about them?
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