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I have at least 18 hours of homework to do because it is a makeup break and I have hw leftover since dougherty let me off the hook the entire week before break because of my mom. I have 3 outlines and like 8 packets to do and 2.5 term things to do which is like 90 terms.

I hurt my left buttcheek muscle and so I walk a little bit weird right now, but it isn't too noticeable. We went on a rehab/nursing home expedition today and I fell in love with Autumn one we went to - it is gorgous and the people there are so nice. They have a great rehab place, ginormous showers and it doesn't smell bad. Hopefully my mom will be able to get in their tomorrow and out of the hospital.

I've played a lotttt of piano this week, and I've hardly touched the trombone that I promised mr. holt I would learn how to play before jazz band - which means 5 days left to learn how to play trombone w/ no book. I was not aware there was a 7th position.

Erica Kerr - aren't you soooooooo glad that Logan and Rori got back together?! I've never hated a fictional charecter more than Logan's dad... and I just know that there is a person in real life who is just like Logan's dad somewhere in the world and when I find him I will kill him - no joke. Omg, and when Logan gave Luke the necklace I was soooooo happy, the 4 of them will make such a cute family if the gilmore girls can ever manage actually getting married.
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