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I am soo tired. I have way to much homework and I have been doing way too much work. Thank you everyone who has either let me cry in front of them or who has helped me and my family out over the past couple of days - it is greatly appreciated.

Solo and Ensemble is coming up fast and I am completely confident in my duet unless we get a judge from hell then we definetely have a one. My solo is shaky. I'm going to practise as much as I can over the next couple of days, but I won't get anything below a two. My quintet for sure unless we die or have the best day of our lives will get a two. And flute chior will probably get a two.
But, on the S and E topic. I am really mad at Burkett right now because she claims that she knows me and I'm one of her kids, and yet she is a total bitch to me. I really appreciate you bitching me out about not having my score after I had been gone all day and I was allready worn out and pissed off. Thank you soo much. Oh, and to Mr. Holt: At least from Burkett I can expect it but I thought you were more mature than that. My favorite part is that you did it right before I had to perform, how sweet of you.

I reallllly love Beauty and the Geek. My favorite quote:
"What is the capitol of Iraq?"
"Can you speel that please?"
"I-R-A-Q, and the question is: What is the capitol of Iraq?"
"Um, I'm going to have to say... Afghanistan."

In English we read 'A Modest Proposal' and it is my favorite solution to poverty ever: eat the 3/4s of the babies after they are one year old. We can export the meat, make their skin into gloves and boots, and we will have a good source of nutrition! ~ Johnathon Swift. I love it.
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