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Today was one of the worst days I've had in a while.

Everyone talks behind peoples backs - some do it less than others though. I have my moments where I will bitch people out to other people - unless I've promised. But everyone does that. Some people are even stupid enought to point at someone walking towards them and tell the other person stop talking when that person comes over.

Now, luckily for me, I already hate this person who pointed - and I'm pretty sure that I know what she was talking about. Here is the problem - the other person is a girl who I have defended till no end when other people say shit about her. I love how one sided this friendship is. So much for loyalty.

My suspicion that they were talking about me behind my back was confirmed when a mutual friend told me they were. Now the other people who are talking behind my back about a diet pepsi controversy that is fine because I've talked behind your back about things and so I don't expect you to have my back - and I really don't expect you to make educated decisions about htings either.

OK - don't bs about stuff you don't know like facts about food. Especially when 3 people at the table are on diets. DO NOT PISS OFF WOMEN WHO ARE ON DIETS. I asked her where she found it and she said on the internet. It is interesting that when I asked if she could give me the internet site she said "why do you need the internet for everything anyway - it's all just lies." (Me>)"Then why do you believe it?" Don't be retarted - if you want to say something than have facts to defend yourself.

There is also my huge problem right now that interestingly enough I have only told one person and this person isn't even one of my really good friends. Speaking of not really good friends but people who I still consider good friends: it is amazing how none of my freinds either A) give a fuck or B) have noticed how sad I've been lately over something and I would like to say thank you to my good friends who have noticed and who have cared. It means a lot.

It was amazing today when as I was walking home from school, Marcus and Steph and 2 other people picked me up and I was sooo happy for like 2 minutes because of that so thank you sooo much!

I got an 80% on my math quiz today. Oh and I'm not good at math so this is good for me. Here is what my superdooper friend said "That quiz was easy how did you get so many points wrong?"

I am so glad it is the weekend. I seriously need new friends - ones who are loyal and trustworthy and worth my time.

Special thank yous to: Marcus, Steph, Rebecca, Mellisa, Beth, Jess, Jenny C and Megan.
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