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Angie Caponi I WANT TO SEE THAT PICTURE!!!! how cute - has he cut his hair?

I am really scared of people robbing our house because for some reason our garage is always open which scares me - then I always close it and then it is magically back open.

If you play risk and say that you get 1 person for every territory then whoever goes first wins duh. That is a bad way to play.

Happy New Year. I can't believe it is 2006. It seems like just yesterday that I was a freshman and my classes were easy and I had not a care in the world. So I have 3 New Years Resolutions 1 is private but I guess I'll tell you all my other 2. they are not that exciting but: A 4 on my AP exam at the end of the year, and a 28 or higher on my ACT.

Are resolutions and goals the same thing?

I hope Erica is feeling better and I wish I could see you. I'm going to in a week and .5 though! hotel party!

Oh, So originally I was going to take my drivers test January 25, but my dad will be out of town until the 27 so I have to take it hopefully the 27 if his plane gets in before Elite closes or I might even have to take it the 28.

I bought really cute shoes and jeans. Then I went to that restaurant by AMC30 and the hot waiter spilled ranch and it got on my jeans and right shoe. BUT. People look at your left shoe right? I mean, they are right handed which means they look to thier right which is my left?
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