Christina (canucker1189) wrote,

Today was the first time I've ever got to use my horn other than to wave at someone.

It was 12 and hayes, you can turn on red, the person wasn't, I honked, they went, I went, I was so excited I missed my turn.

I signed up for a political science class that is on mondays and wednesdays and those are the same days as musical practice and when I tried to drop and register for the same class on tuesday and thursday both things were closed so now I have to wait and talk to the teacher.

Jayme and I were doing a project and I was an anti-feminist, racist religious person. I also dissed Tupac.

I switched my answering machine on my cell from ashley simpson to an eminem and dr. dre skit. call it.

I'm sorry if you call my cell and want to talk to me - I will ahve it off for the next few days so people can call my phone and listen to my answering message.
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