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I thought I lost a check for $50 but I ended up just leaving it at the family I babysit for's house.
This weekend I only have 4 packets, 20 pgs outline, and old math assignments to do - 8 hours max. <3

Marcus: I might be able to come see your play this weekend w/ Eric and maybe Andrew and Paul... but I have to see if I can take the van - other than that it is a go. How much is a ticket? Oh and if we go it will be on Saturday night.

There will be a buttload of new movies coming out this month and I can't wait to see them, plus since we haven't gone to family video at common and utica in like 5 years we get every rental half off!

Megan: I heard you like Gilmore Girls now?! Congratulations.

There is only 2.5 months of school left. Excluding Spring Break but no other holidays, we have 47 days in school left. omg. I'm almost a senior.

And hotdog season is coming up because Tigers games are starting soon!
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